Christ the Saviour Cathedral Tour

Tours to the Christ the Saviour Cathedral in Moscow with a licenced tour guilde.

The Moscow Cathedral

This magnificent cathedral, looming over the Moscow River, is equally beautiful on the inside. Today, it’s the seat of the Patriarch and the most important Russian church. It’s also a memorial – to all those who perished during the War with Napoleon in 1812, when Moscow was taken by the enemy, plundered and burnt. The tour highlights  the tragic and fascinating history of its construction, destruction by the Soviet government, and re-building in 2000.

The tour of Christ the Saviour cathedral includes a walk around the galleries on the level of the Cathedrals dome - and unrivalled photo opportunies.

IMPORTANT NOTE: the Cathedral of Christ the Savior is not a museum. Certain dress code applies: we recommend avoiding wearing shorts, miniskirts, tank tops or shirts with bare shoulders, it is advised that ladies wear head scarves, gentlemen, on the contrary, should remove their hats. Talking in a loud voice is not encouraged in a church, which is a place of veneration.

The tours can be arranged by appointment only.