New Maiden Convent Grounds and Cemetery Tours

A Moscow attraction with deep history.

New Maiden Convent Grounds in Moscow

New Maiden Convent is conveniently located close the center of the city, and offers you an opportunity to see the Russian medieval architecture without traveling far. Also, being a nunnery where nobles and even tsars exiled their unwanted wives to, it has many controversial stories of love and deceit attached to it.

In the times of old, monasteries also had large burial grounds within and near their walls. Wealthy individuals built opulent monuments over family graves or burial vaults. Today, the new Maiden cemetery looks more like a beautiful park full of monuments, rather than a dull graveyard. Walking through shady lanes and paying hommage to the famous Russian people - from Anton Chekhov to the first Russian President Boris Yeltsin - will certainly enhance your understanding of Russian history. Besides, some of the monuments are true works of art - such as the monument over the grave of Nikita Khrushchev commissioned by Ernst Neizvestny, a Russian artist of international acclaim who had to emigrate from the Soviet Union on the initiative of… Nikita Khrushchev!