Inside St. Basil’s Cathedral Tour

Interiors of St. Basil’s Cathedral tour with a private registered guide will take you inside this most well-known Russian church truly an icon of Russia.

St.Basil’s Cathedral Tour Details

You’ll be surprised to learn that there are ten churches, not one, sharing the same foundation. Back in the medieval times the only way to build such a tall structure was to build it with very thick walls, so the space inside St. Basil's Cathedral is very small. We will walk around the narrow passages, climb the ancient stairs, look into every church, and discover wall frescoes and miracle-working icons.

Further on, you will learn stories from the days when the Russian church was part of the Byzantine church and venerated the same holidays, stories of the tsars who built and maintained this beautiful cathedral and of course, the life story of S. Basil himself, whose silver shrine is preserved to this day.

Duration:  40 minutes to 1 hour

Special concerns: very steep and high steps inside

The price of this tour will depend on the number of guests in the group, children or adults. It is best coupled with Red Square Walking Tour or Central Moscow Walking Tour. It can also be including into the Sightseeing Tour of Moscow Program.

If you are interested in this tour, please contact Julia at or mobile +7 926 5277725, directly or via WhatsApp for a quotation.