Moscow City Tour

The Sightseeing Tour of Moscow (by coach or car)

The Sightseeing Tour of Moscow

The Sightseeing Tour of Moscow is the most logical introduction to the city. The itinerary of this tour includes both historical and modern parts of the city, and the most advantageous picture-taking stops. The tour allows you to trace and visualize Moscow’s history and development, and appreciate how diverse and beautiful this city is. This tour includes the following stops:

  • Red Square
  • Christ the Savior Cathedral and Patriarch’s Bridge (optional, may include visit inside and the tour of the Christ the Savior Cathedral museum)
  • New Maiden Convent (may include visit inside, add 1 hour)
  • The Panorama of Moscow from the Sparrow Hills in the Moscow University Campus
  • The Victory Park and 2nd World War Memorial (optional)

Duration: approx. 3.5-4.5 hours depending on traffic and number of stops included.