The Kremlin grounds and cathedrals

The Kremlin Grounds and Cathedrals private tour will take you inside the Kremlin walls.

Kremlin and Surroundings

The word Kremlin translates from the medieval Russian as a citadel or fortress, but indeed the Moscow Kremlin today is a whole city within walls. Inside, you will see streets and squares, ancient churches and royal palaces, and even a modern congress hall. The Armory and the Diamond Fund museums are also located on the Kremlin grounds.

Today, the Kremlin is the office of the President of Russia, and also a museum. About half of the territory of the Kremlin is accessible to visitors. The guided tour of the Kremlin covers the history of Moscow and Russia, life of the Russian Tsars, the stories behind the buildings and monuments inside the Kremlin, among them the famous Tsar Bell and Tsar Cannon, ancient cathedrals and palaces, and even a tree -  the oak planted by Yury Gagarin upon his return from the flight into space. The tour of the Kremlin usually includes the visit inside the following buildings:

  • Assumption Cathedral, the coronation church of the Russian Tsars;
  • Archangel Michael Cathedral, the burial site of the Moscow Princes and Russian Tsars;
  • Annunciation Cathedral (optional);
  • The Church of the Deposition of the Virgin’s Robe (optional);
  • Patriarch’s Palace with the exhibition of the treasures of the Armoury.

Kremlin Tour Details

Usually the tour of the Kremlin is preceded or extended by the tour of the Armory (see below) which is located on the Kremlin grounds.

Duration: 1.5-2 hour

Walking distance: 1.5 km (ca. 1 mile)

Special concerns: the area adjacent to the Kremlin and inside the Kremlin is pedestrian only, so this tour requires a lot of walking. Wearing comfortable shoes is recommended. Also, since the Kremlin is built on a hill, it is an open, windy place, in case of cool or cold weather we recommend dressing warmer than usual.

The price of this tour will depend on the number of guests in the group, children or adults. It is best coupled with the Armory Tour, Red Square Walking Tour or Central Moscow Walking Tour. It can also be including into the Sightseeing Tour of Moscow Program.

If you are interested in this tour, please contact Julia at or mobile +7 926 5277725, directly or via WhatsApp for a quotation.

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